COVID-19 Closure Updates

St. Louis County has issued guidance for some businesses to begin reopening on May 18. According to the guidance, Recreation facilities, programs and events are all still deemed high risk and therefore must remain closed. This currently affects Kirkwood Community Center, Ice Arena, Aquatic Center, playgrounds, and all indoor and outdoor events and programs. St. Louis County did not give any specific date on when these types of facilities and programs may be able to resume or when they will re-evaluate. Our parks remain open for walking, biking and open space play with families in the same household. Please continue to Social Distance.

If you have further questions please ask by email

PARC/Shupe Scholarships

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 The Courtney Shupe scholarship program allows the community access to the Aquatic Center. Enabling local children to love the water environment as much as Courtney did through lessons and public swimming.

The PARC program allows people who lack the economic resources to gain access to critical parks and recreation programs at a more affordable cost.



The parks and recreation department encourages groups, organizations and individuals to share this information and opportunity with any potential participant. 

PARC/Shupe Application

PARC/Shupe Brochure


Help Kirkwood Kids learn to swim and enjoy the Kirkwood Aquatic Center

Donate to the Courtney Shupe Scholarship by mailing a check to:
Kirkwood Community Center
Attn: Shupe Scholarship
111 S. Geyer Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Email for more information.