Invasive Plant Species

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Free Kirkwood Parks from Invasive Species

 Quarry Honeysuckle Projectheader

Kirkwood, Missouri Parks’ Department has fought bush honeysuckle in its parks for years. While volunteers have removed over 130 acres of this invasive plant, there is still so much more to go. Our goal, along with dedicated restoration volunteers, is to eradicate this bush from the entire parks system-one park at a time. Invasive bush honeysuckle is growing in:

                                           -Emmenegger Nature Park (11991 Stoneywood Drive),
                                           -Kirkwood Park (111 S. Geyer Road),
                                           -Greentree Park (2202 Marshall Road),
                                           -Fireman’s Park (11804 Big Bend Road), and
                                           -Meramec Highlands Quarry at Dee Koestering Park (1703 Marshall Road).


Why We Remove Asian Bush Honeysuckle 

Bush honeysuckle is an invasive plant species that degrades woodlands, fields, and stream banks into impenetrable thickets, lacking ecological, economic, or recreational value. It was originally imported from Asia and has no natural competition in North America.

The woody bush can grow to the size of a small tree and will quickly overwhelm and destroy native bushes, trees, and flowering plants, on which birds, pollinating insects, and other wildlife depend for food and healthy habitat. 

Want more information about invasive bush honeysuckle? Click on these links to learn more: 

                                           -Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)
                                           -Missouri Invasive Plant Force (MoIP)
                                           - BiodiverseCity St. Louis (Missouri Botanical Gardens)


Get Involved

Join us or follow along with our progress as we take on invasive bush honeysuckle. 

Honeysuckle Hackathon:  This week-long event is part of the regional Honeysuckle Sweep for Healthy Habitat, which runs in the spring and fall months. Volunteers across the region remove bush honeysuckle and work to raise public awareness about the need to restore native plant biodiversity. The Honeysuckle Hackathon is scheduled for October 21-26, 2019 in Quarry Park. 

The Quarry Project: Join us one Saturday morning each month March-November to cut down honeysuckle in Meramec Highlands Quarry at Dee Koestering Park. Register for a shift to join us!

Forest Aid Adopt-a-Group at Emmenegger Nature Park: Contact  Gwyn Wahlmann to join spring and fall removal efforts Sunday afternoons. 


 Phone: (314) 984-5993 | Email: